We manufacture Hardwood Boards/Pallets in standard and customers adapted design.

The speciality of our product is that we manufacture entirely Yellow Balau or Selected Tropical Hardwood of all sizes, thickness from 30 mm to 50 mm, composed of single planks, tongued and grooved, threaded tie rods with self-securing nuts, wood free of unsound knots, high mechanical stability, goods wear resistance, excellent vibration properties, long life, exceptional resistance against water and cement.

Hardwood is 60% to 70% more dense than spruce of fir. Density of Balau is about 1000 kg/m3 . Therefore hardwood boards can normally be made with reduced thickness if compared with soft woods. Additionally, because of their high density, hardwoods are resistant to chemicals and water, acids and alkalis, compared with regular boards made from fir for instance. Hardwood boards are substantially more resistant to abrasive wear caused by sand, gravel etc... Accordingly, hardwood boards have prolonged service life of approximately 2 to 3 times. Further advantages connected with hardwood boards are shortened vibration times and resulting higher quality castings and savings in cement.

Planned hardwood planks, tongued and grooved are joined tightly by means of threaded tie-rods. The boards are reinforced at two ends with galvanized C-Profiles which are fixed to the board with mild steel rivets or punch points.

The boards are at four sides planned to accurate thickness and width and can be used on both sides.

Moisture contents about 25% to 32% at date of shipment, lower moisture on request. As latest development we recommend to use in dry climate specially kiln dried timber with moisture content about 20% to 25% or lower. This will eliminate the danger of gap development between the planks and reduce colour discharge during start up of stone productions on new hardwood pallets.

Delivery time and terms to be negotiated. We deliver usually CFR seaport or DDU final destination.

We look forward to have your specific inquiry. Upon request, we will be glad to visit you in order to discuss details.

We recommend you to use the change to reduce your production costs by utilizing our economical boards manufactured in South East Asia.

All above information are given without prejudice and are based on our present information standard.

In case of Order, please request for our final reconfirmation of data to be adapted to your specific Company condition.