Laminated Scantling & Decking

Application for Windows and Door elements (profiles).

We use mainly wood which has high quality from Dark Red Meranti, Red Meranti and White Meranti.

Our qualities are:

  • Deck layers made from “Select and Better” Grade Timber and Middle Layer made from “Standard and Better” Grade Timber
  • Kiln Dried (KD) 12% MC in accordance to DIN 68602 – 1972 B4. Free of drying defects, 2 faces practically free of pin and shot holes
  • Gluing according to DIN EN 204 D4

We can offer as follows range of sizes:
a) 63 x 86/96/105/115/145 mm
b) 72 x 86/96/105/115/145 mm
c) 82 x 86/96/105/115/145 mm
d) 84 x 86/96/105/115/145 mm
e) 96 x 86/105/115/145 mm

Hardwood Decking – Yellow Balau / Merbau / Jambu Jambu

Main sizes are in profile 25 x 145 mm AD materials unless otherwise specified.
Main lengths are: 3100, 3400, 3700, 4000, 4300, 4700, 4900, 5200, 5500, 5800 mm. Antislip double profile 25 x 145 mm for AD materials with 24 elements on side A and 7 grooves on robust side B.
The grade shall be determined from side A.
Two grades: Select and Better; Standard and Better